First Login

If this is your first time logging into the new website, then you need to read this.

We no longer use Custom usernames, you will now use your Member Number as your username moving forward.

On your FIRST LOGIN ONLY you will need to use your Member Number as your password too. You will then be prompted for a new password.

Once your password is set, you will use that password moving forward.

IF YOU ARE A DOWNTOWN MEMBER TOO. When you reset your password, it will be in effect for BOTH clubs! When you login to either website, click the Go to Glencoe Golf or Go to Glencoe Club links on the Dashboard to be brought to the other site without having to login again!

IMPORTANT! Primary account holders just need their 4 digit number, dependents need to use the dash and the dependent number (IE 9999-1 or 9999-2)

NOT WORKING? Due to how membership is structured, if your member number isn't working try adding GC (IE 9999GC or 9999GC-2).

If you need any assistance, please email

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