Since our inception in 1931, The Glencoe Club has been Calgary’s premier private sports and social club, providing extraordinary programs and services for our members and their families.

Nestled between the beautiful Calgary neighbourhoods of Mount Royal and Elbow Park, we are committed to creating exceptional experiences and being our members’ second home, providing excellence in all that we do.

The Glencoe Club is one of the largest private clubs in Canada at 320,000 square feet. Our members come here to train and play in our excellent sports and recreation facilities; grow and excel in our vast array of programs; enjoy our specialty services; dine in our first-class restaurants; and create long-lasting memories with friends and family. We have deep roots in sporting excellence, many Olympians have been, and continue to be, part of our Club’s story and we celebrate them proudly. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and family-oriented club and have been welcoming generations of families for 90 years.

Our Club has a legacy of improvements and innovation as we continuously invest in our future by upgrading and adding facilities to meet the needs of current members, as well as the needs of their children and grandchildren. What began with just skating, bowling, curling, badminton and tennis back in 1931, has grown and expanded over the years to become our members’ second home today.



  • 25 metre indoor pool with hot tub
  • Outdoor leisure pool with a waterslide and hot tub
  • 6 badminton courts
  • 6 tennis courts
  • 7 squash courts (6 singles and 1 doubles court)
  • 8 sheets of curling ice
  • Indoor skating rink
  • Indoor golf centre featuring 2 golf simulators
  • 10 five-pin and 10-pin convertible bowling lanes
  • 20,000 square foot fitness centre
  • 3 fitness studios
  • Running track
  • Climbing wall
  • Indoor playground
  • Summer pickleball courts
  • Badminton lounge
  • Racquet lounge
  • Curling lounge
  • Bowling lounge
  • Family/caregiver locker room
  • Men’s & ladies steam rooms
  • Junior locker rooms
  • Men’s & ladies locker rooms


  • Café 29
  • Argyle Kitchen + Patio
  • McCullough’s Pub and Social House
  • 29 Degrees


  • Childminding
  • Preschool & Enhanced Programs
  • Out of School Care
  • Wellness Centre
  • Physiotherapy Clinic
  • Pro Shop


  • Ballroom
  • 3 Club Rooms
  • Boardroom
  • Private Dining Room in Argyle Kitchen + Patio

Board of Directors

The Glencoe Club is member owned and governed by our Board of Directors who provide governance, oversight and strategic direction for the Club. The Board is accountable to the membership and is elected by shareholders.

The Board consists of 11 shareholders who make up the following core committees:
  • Executive
  • Governance Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Facilities & Land Committee

All Board positions are volunteer three-year terms, with each Director eligible to serve two consecutive terms.

Meet our Board of Directors


Creating exceptional experiences


To be our members’ second home, providing excellence in all that we do.


  • Respect
  • Wellness
  • Integrity
  • Relationships
  • Caring
  • Innovation

Club Crest

Established in 2016, a significant and important element of our Club identity is our logo. It is our first impression, our lasting impression, and the foundation of our brand. We honour the deeper meaning behind our logo, as it pays tribute to our past, present and future, and we showcase it with pride.

The Crest symbolizes our Scottish heritage of which our name, The Glencoe Club, comes from. “A Scottish crest is a heraldic badge worn to show allegiance to an individual or membership in a specific Scottish clan.” In this same regard, our Club crest conveys the strong connection and allegiance among our membership.

The Torch represents leadership excellence in all disciplines, pursuits and actions on behalf of The Glencoe Club and its membership. Our membership is exemplary in their contributions to society and this torch reflects those contributions. It also recognizes the dedication to sporting excellence in programming and facility, in which our Club has a truly outstanding past. Many Olympians have, and continue to be, part of our Club’s story and the torch is a nod to this achievement. Finally, the torch represents a proverbial “passing of the torch” between generations of members and the celebration of their milestones.

The Diagonal Cross pays homage to the rich and deep-rooted history of the Club by referencing the St. Andrew Cross on the Scottish flag. This element was adapted from the Club’s initial crest from 1931 and has been updated to represent the four main stakeholders that the Club proudly serves: its members, its staff, its neighbours, and the city in which it resides. The Club is at the intersection, forming the heart and soul of the community, while nurturing the social connections between participating members.

The Mountains represent the geographic location of the Club, while also recalling the original inspiration of the Club’s name in the Scotland Glencoe Valley.

The Colour Blue is indictive of our brand and our values. Blue represents, loyalty, honesty and trust; integrity and perseverance; reliability and responsibility; caring and concern. “Blue is persistent and determined to succeed in whichever endeavors it pursues. Its success is defined by the quality and quantity of its relationships. It is a giver, not a taker. It likes to build strong trusting relationships.”